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How to adjust the treadmill running belt

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Running and as an important part of the running machine for running will play a very important role, and the right to run with firmness need us to adjust, running machine in use after a period of time, can appear the phenomenon of sliding or wandering, reasonable adjustment needed at this time run;So how to adjust the running belt?The following will introduce our home treadmill running and how to adjust.
We each treadmill assembling is equipped with a special tool, the regulation of running and you need to use the wrench to slowly adjust:
1. Run elasticized adjustment method: treadmill in use after a period of time, running in the pause phenomenon would appear, this is caused by running belt too loose.Solution: use a special tool adjustment bolt clockwise around will, in turn in a circle, until users did not stop feeling.Special note: running and not as tight as possible, but according to need to adjust the firmness, too tight will shorten the service life of running belt.
2. Run belt running deviation adjustment:
After all the running machine before delivery and installation are to be run with adjustment, but use after period of time, there may be a wandering phenomenon, the causes of this phenomenon are the following several aspects:
(1) the host is not smooth.
(2) the user movement feet don't run with center.
(3) the user foot uneven.
(4) adjust method of: slip-adjusting, man-made no-load rotation can be back to normal in a few minutes.For running deviation phenomenon cannot automatically restore random equipped with special tools to gradually adjust to run for the unit with half a circle after the bolt.Such as running and to the left, may adjust the bolt to the left of the regulator clockwise.Such as running and bias to the right, can bolt clockwise adjust to the right of the regulator.Running belt running deviation does not belong to the warranty scope, main maintenance by the users themselves.Running partial will seriously damage zone, must be timely detection, timely correcting.
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