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How to choose and buy fitness equipment

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Nowadays more and more people because of work in the day, do not have time to go to fitness leisure, tend to buy fitness equipment to exercise at home.So how to choose and buy fitness equipment has become the problem of attention, the following simple introduced the main points of the treadmill of choose and buy:
First, clear the use effect of multi-functional fitness products
Should have the product of the two functions, such as throwing arm converter to exercise the arm muscles, want to choose the healthy exercise the waist abdomen and legs riding machine or health abdominal wheel and so on.As for want to systemic, comprehensive exercise, in addition to choose to go to the gym, professional can assist regular outdoor exercise equipment.
Second, consider the living environment and living conditions

A suitable family atmosphere and living condition of equipment, to improve the quality of life.In general, a single machines function covers an area of small, some features more machines were used in the home, some features due to the limitation of space, and can't really play a role;And if covers an area of big, use every time you need to install or move, will greatly reduce the enthusiasm of the fitness.

Third, the price is moderate
Don't blind worship of foreign products, domestic products, the price is relatively low, sort is more, the function of these products also can meet the needs of the exercise, but also because of the added with the localization of some element, some functions are lacking fitness equipment abroad.
Fourth, should pay attention to after-sales service
When buying machines, also like to buy other products, don't ignore after-sales service problems, especially the parts more machines, should ask clear the specific measures for after-sales service, more foreign product ask if there is a maintenance station.When online fitness equipment, also ask who is responsible for after-sales service, advice contact factory after-sales service to consult in advance.
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