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The correct posture you jogging?

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Jogging in the correct posture, jogging is suitable for the crowd.When we choose a sport for fitness, whether we want to know your physical condition for the sport.So, what people jogging suit?What is jogging in the correct position?Follow the below small make up together and see it.
1, arm posture
Your arm while running exercise can help to move forward, at the same time, you arm movement also helps minimize trunk rotation.Keep your elbows bend around 90 degree Angle.Relax your arm as far as possible, in the process of running while keeping the pace is consistent with the leg movement.In the process of running upward or downward swing your arms and hands in the upward swing to flush breastbone and your position, swing down to the belt.Keep this motion amplitude, not too high or too low.
2, hips and head position
It is hard to imagine: when your feet on the floor, where is your hips?Some have suggested, on your feet should be in you, at the end of the center of gravity of the line is head butt at three feet in a line.Keeping head is straight, eyes look to the front.Turned to need special care, usually from the neck up part of the rotation, to avoid the reverse of the body, avoid instability during marching on.
3. The posture of knee
Knee don't carry too high for long distance runners.Only sprinters or we need to raise your knees up hill.
4, feet on the way
Some people think that when running with the ball hit the ground, also some people think that should be enough to follow.We suggest that the first to use the middle section touches the ground.Research shows that a good long distance runners usually in on foot.The jogger with foot and heel strike, fast runners place of the front of the jogger.We believe only sprinters and sprinter suits before the soles of your feet on the ground.May be some exceptions, but in the foot touchdown is a good way for intermediate runners.This can reduce vibration, alleviate the pressure on the calf muscles and Achilles tendonitis, at the same time to prepare for the next step.
Suit a crowd:
Overweight, sedentary office gens, the elderly.Jogging, to keep the elderly good heart function, prevent lung tissue elasticity recession, prevent muscle atrophy, prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, etc., has a positive role.

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